Educating Speakers & Singers

Vocal health Un-slumping:

Singers and executive speakers think your body as a large container that the sound moves up & out of. Undo the slumping and lengthen up through that whole container. It’s elegant not because we are trying to be elegant but because we are unslumping and the sound carries up & out.


Hinge Health

Hinges health

Working with a group of Physical Therapist at Riverside PT I showed them their hinges to piviot over and use.   Same at the computer, picking up a child or a package use the hip sockets when needing to get close to something. Hinge = a ball and a sock, rotating. Think hips.


Spine 3

Tips for Sitting at the computer

It’s about sitting on those “sits bones” and for support move up out the top of your head and your spine will follow. Think you spine like a lovely building moving up to the sky.  Your sits bone are the basement and the head your penthouse!


So it comes back to your being able to make a choice. Not that this technique give you the “right answer” but it gives you something different than what you’ve been doing and it also gives you a means for choosing.

Non doing & Alexander Technique

So back to my last post on 6/21/17  This Alexander Technique teaching we are doing gives you NOT the right answer but it gives you something different than what you’ve been doing before and therefore gives you a means for choosing.  Where as before you just went and did the same thing you’d been doing before which wan’t working.  Now you can do that or undo the old thing which is choosing & would allow something new to happen.

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