About Pilates


Joseph Pilates


Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) was a nurse who designed a system of exercises that emphasized development of strength and coordination in the musculature of the human body. He initially worked with bedridden soldiers during World War II to enable them to keep their muscles in working order. He based his system on basic principles that he then incorporated into a larger set of prescribed movements which are named after him. The overriding principle of Pilates is conscious movement that engages the musculature in a manner which results in the contraction of the specific muscles desired in a biomechanically-optimum fashion so that the whole frame can create a stable base from which the other muscles can work to perform specific actions.


The Benefits


Man doing plank

Anyone who suffers from weak core strength can benefit from Pilates, and this includes those who suffer from back weakness or pain. By practicing targeted exercise, people develop the ability to isolate and control individual components of their movements. This enables them to regain the strength in the core musculature.


What to Expect as a Student




Gwynne specializes in working with the Reformer and Cadilac Pilates equipment. During our 1-hour private Pilates sessions at the Strength in Balance studio, Gwynne will observe your application of the exercises on the Reformer and Cadillac and as we progress, she will continually assess your growth and will adjust your workout so that it always propels you towards improvement. As an Alexander Technique teacher, Gwynne will ensure you are utilizing all of your muscles to their fullest capacity in order to guarantee the best and most efficient workout possible. “Gwynne reminded me to free my neck, and she encouraged me to widen my lumbar spine. I found that with a free neck and lengthening and widening back, I was able to engage my target muscles more efficiently and specifically. The difference was instantaneous – and dramatic.” – PilatesStyle Magazine